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Love Story Started Again at the Lovely Party

It was Friday again, the day for famous parties at Wellington High School. Students were dancing in the garden and everyone was enjoying the pleasure of being away from boring lessons.
When Sarah came to the party, the music had already started. Tim suddenly noticed Sarah and felt shocked. He had been looking for her for 2 years. They met each other at a holiday camp in 1999, but mysteriously Sarah disappeared after a while. He had been thinking about her since then.
At the party, Sarah was talking to one of her friends while most of the students were drinking as much as they could. Tim decided to talk to her and waited for her friend to leave. When he went next to her, she was searching for something in her bag, so she did not see him. As soon as he touched her on the shoulder, she raised her head and couldn’t believe her eyes. She had never forgot him.
At the end of the party, no one was happier than Sarah and Tim as they found each other after 2 years.

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