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A Museum

Museums are institutions which help people understand and appreciate the world.
Museums collect objects of scientific, aesthetic or historical importance. They care for them, study and exhibit them for the purpose of public education and the advancement of knowledge. Museum can be found I almost every big city in the world.
Museums also function as educational institutions which offer many benefits to their visitors. People of different ages, interests, background, and abilities can explore and do self-learning at the museums. They are also public places where people can be entertained, inspired, introduced to new ideas.

There are some major types of museums. The most common one is the history museums. They usually collect a wide range of objects including fine art, furniture, clothing, documents, and other materials. The next type of museums is the art museums. They reflect artistic accomplishment, both historic and contemporary. Their collection includes paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, photographs, ceramics and glass, metal work, and furniture.

The next two museums are the natural history museums and the science museums. The first type of museums usually focuses on nature and culture. Dinosaurs, gems and minerals, native and ancient cultures are always popular exhibits at natural history museums. Meanwhile, the science museums are dedicated to improve public understanding of science and scientific achievements. Science museums usually allow people to experience and experiment.

(Taken from English on Sky, grade IX)

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